The saliva can symbolize the seminal fluid in many cultures, used as magical element that can cure and fecundate through the single contact. Since it comes from the mouth and preserves the vital energy, it is often associated to the essence of thought and soul. (Craveri E. Michela, 2008, p.160)

The time of the photographic archive always looks backwards;
it grows old with us during the years, it is part of ourselves but it slowly builds up a gap that cannot be filled by our present time.
The inclusion of saliva (a fluid certifying identity) on the photographic surface, create a layer of contingent “presence”, intimate re-appropriation of the family archive, attempting to cure the fallacious nature of memories and fertilize their connection with our current time.
Saliva is thus the element that glues together two dimensions: the motionless time of photography and the contingent necessity of remapping memories.

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Corrado Lippi
5 years ago
Corrado Lippi Artist
Molto bello. Grazie dell'amicizia.
5 years ago
The saliva brings such an organic factor, making the images alive because someone is "watching". It recreates the past giving them a present. Great work!

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