Along the Elsa River, 2011

Along the Elsa River, 2011

A series of images Along the Elsa River which come from a desire to discover, understand and know more of the 'truths' in the things that exist around me. With these (disputable) truths, I hope to reveal the brokenness and wholeness of the various subjects I am finding: the repetitions , similarities, differences and connections. Whether these places : wastelands, shelters, copses, bridges,building sites, houses etc. continue to exist , change , be forgotten or eliminated, the images continue in the present.
I am trying (obsessively sometimes) to create some sort of order from the chaos, however known or secret, as we do constantly with memory, reconstructing our past experiences, stories, anecdotes etc in order to make some sort of sense of the meaning and worth of our existence:
"When I consider the brevity of my life, swallowed up as it is in the eternity that precedes and will follow it, the tiny space I occupy and what is visible to me,cast as I am into a vast infinity of spaces that I know nothing of and which know nothing of me, I take fright, I am stunned to find myself here rather than elsewhere, for there is no reason why it should be here rather than there, and now rather than then. Who set me here? By whose order and under what guiding destiny was this time , this place assigned to me?" Pascal , Penseés

"But it was not marked on the wall-map in our third-grade schoolroom and I could not find it in any atlas, which gave it the status of a secret place....It was there but only in our heads. It had a history but only in the telling:in stories I heard from fellows in the playground at school, or from their older brothers at the barbershop or at the edge of an oval on on the bleachers at the town pool." David Malouf , Every Move You Make

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