Mme Andree

Mme Andree

Notes on artwork: Photo-etching prints on cloth and cotton paper made as part of the artist book 'Mme Andree', which reflects on memory, time and space throughout life (childhood, adulthood to old age). The project is partly inspired by the encounter with 'Mme Andree', a 104 year old resident of Soho, who was in her words ' born in France to live in England.' The book navigates though the many intersecting times and spaces she has lived in, and indeed, continues to inhabit. Fragments of letters, objects from her life as a seamstress, real and imaginary memories, are woven together to form a visual poem. Mme Andree aims to be evocative of the position of migrants who live simultaneously in different cultures and times.

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gabriella siciliano
7 years ago
molto interessante!

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