Video, Sacred / Mythological, Short film, 9:24
My name is frank Stassar, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Born in Breda,
june 14th 1962

For me I never started teaching for the money, but as a challenge to work together with young people in small and big art- cultural-projects. I see my work as a teacher and an artist quite symbiotic.
One of the first big Art(cultural) projects I initiated was a so-called GALLERYTUNNEL, a bicyclist-and pedastrian tunnel being transformed into a
gallery-like environment. A visual speakerscorner for schoolgoing youth.
Pincel versus pistol being another slogan, a project which uses art as a pincellike sword against small criminality.
For this I have received the Hein Roethofprice in 1996, in Canada the project was marked as one of the 100 best projects in the world , in America it has been awarded.
In a way I have digitalised my projects and started using photograsphy and
film/video us as media to create images/works/projects with secundairy schoolgoing young people. I always have been attracted to modern means as Photography (which you can hardly call modern anymore) and video. I use Photoshop and animation in my work.
I have done this even before entering the digital zone, but then using analogue photography, scissors, paper and glue. Now I love to work with PHOTOSHOP, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Garageband.

Two years ago I got an opportunity, together with Vincent Lobe, to create a new department of educagtion in a clompletely new buils school, based on creative learning. This department is now called Media & Theatre.
We are well equipped at the moment, having a creative laboratory witn an
independent standalone apple platform, a Photostudio, a videowall to show things, design furniture and –to be realized-an audiostudio.
We also have a danceroom for creating movements, choreographies and a beautifull theatre. All this infrastructure provides us with the possibility to professionalise are methods and cooperatieve ways of working together with talented young, motivated kids within the structures of the Dutch secundairy school system. But in a way transcending it. Besidfes the infrastructure we also have a still growing curriculum of cooperation with other disciplines and a program.
For me Bauhaus is a great example, the audiovisual imagery force of several artistic discipline, creating ways for powerfull new images.

In this line of thinking we started art-projects using history as a treasure of thoughts, sounds and images. In a way you could see our department as a collective of ARTISTIC, TALENTED PEOPLE .
In the past years we worked on projects as I Giganti della Montagna, after the last play of Luigi Pirandello, we worked on a project called “ The Man from the Stan”, worked together with Swedish school, filming in a Ingmar Bergman-like way, actually filming and thinking in his scenery.
Lots of fragments of our work can be seen on Youtube- channel LobeStassar.

Our last project is called METAMORPHOSOS after the words of Ovidius, who
created, in a way, in timeless words a powerfull, imagery world of all time, inspiring all kinds of artistic reflections as we speak.
We have combined it with the music of Gustav Mahler and, in a way, with the
painter Francis Bacon.
The four videos I’m submitting are a part of this bigger project, but for me
BEYONDMEMORY is the possibility to show our artistic and visual attemps to
grasp history and mould and shape it in our own subjective way, feeling the
universal power of greater thoughts, the subjective truth, being inspiring,
frightening an manipulative at the same time.
I would like to present this video-installation, being looped permanently, in a small room, with a monitor(4) on each wall,the sound of Gustav Mahlers des Knaben Wunderhorn being influenced by pieces of sound and music made by young talented kids, based on the subject. In this way it is not just a theatrical registration, it is a media based, cinematographical mirror of a collective feeling all the ceative freedom to buid Metamorphosos in their own way.
In this collective lots of students and experts work together. People inside and ourtside the school, choreographers like Bart Kuipers & Jessica van Duin, writers/dirtectors like Paul Rooyackers and Jacques Brooijmans,Ronk Differdaqc, animation artist Daniel Dugourr, artist Esther Bruggink and lots of students as Thor Heemskerk, Iwan Wulff,Anna Wonders, Hannah Fleer, Madelief Klunder, Devi and Quionne heesbeen, Zorah Hooijdonk, Lotte Zandvoort, Celine Balvers, Nick Bergisch, Jet Hendriks, and so on. And of course Vincent Lobe and Myself.
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