Is porn still porn if presented in a nice ancient craft like Bruge Lace? Not only the combination of technique and subject of this patch work but also the idea behind it all make this truly artiginal!
Porn dominates our world. Whatever started with commercials and marketing, sex sells. When five big movy companies like Paramount and Disney choose to go for HDDVD as the new high definition standard, the porn industry went for Bluray.
Nowadays, everybody knows the word “bluray”, HDDVD does not even exist any more.

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alberto bottura
7 years ago
Ariella Vraneski
7 years ago
interesting statment... and artwork
7 years ago
Cat Premium Photographer
Intéressant et beau :))
Diva Benini
7 years ago
Diva Benini Artist
thanks for the appreciation. :-)

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