Trasformare il brutto

Trasformare il brutto

TRANSFORMING THE UGLY - micro architectural regeneration
byFabio Alfano con Cinzia De Luca, Ambra Curto, Simona Cudia, Pietro Spoto, Giuseppe Trapani, Ed. Anghelos, Palermo 2012

is a publication designed like a newspaper to be accessible to all. It conveys the urgent need for rehabilitation of the public and private of our cities, particularly those in Sicily, as well as a large-scale, unified and organic design, even with micro projects involving small urban spaces and citizens, especially in 'ordinary tissues ', which cities are mostly made of.
Educational and professional projects of conversion of so-called "condominium", micro urban areas, experiments of citizen participation, newspaper articles, etc. are a rich and diverse material to sensitize citizens, administrators, any architects - Sicily Lab can be an example for many - in the direction of the "transformation of the ugly" and define some ways to pursue it.

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