Still building on the tower of babel/city of no time

Still building on the tower of babel/city of no time

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Ink, 150x105cm
From the series Still building on the tower of Babel, and City of no Time.
It started with a hut, good fishing, good hunting, more huts, village,church, farming, trading, harbour, communicating, immigrating cultures, city,infrostructure, culture mix, city grows, metropol, growing, growing, growing.
Some of these metropols started thousand of years ago, and might stand thousand of years to come. In nature life has different ways to survive, but it allways comes to a new start. A design of future cities might start with the question: is man still a part of nature in the time to come.

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mike garcia
5 years ago
mike garcia Artist
nice work man! good job! only few artist creates a detailed artwork nowadays :)
5 years ago
zipaart Artist
Grafica d'eccellenza,mondo visionario!
Intellettualizzazione metafisica.
Corrado Lippi
5 years ago
Corrado Lippi Artist
Una sconfinata fantasia.
Liam Key
5 years ago
Liam Key Artist
Love this one, very intense.

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