RETROfuture     Go back to the past to go ON to the future

RETROfuture Go back to the past to go ON to the future

Digital Graphics, Architecture, Landscape, Computer graphics, 60x40cm
“Go back to the past to go on to the future” summarizes the significance of my vision of the future in 40 years.
In a present world where cities are consumed by the smog and the frenetic life quality of life changes, or rather the idea of the quality of life has changed. People begin to have different values... the bicycle instead of car, electric car instead of the sedan ...and changes the way of making architecture, architecture in “cubic zero” .. it has been built everywhere and everything and people try to get the space, to expand the green, to do an urban gardens, to return to dig the earth ... What the oldest?
In a present in which we have everithing people try peace with the contact with nature ...the campaign goes into the cities and towns in the countryside .. Some people move to the countryside and other people in the cities cultivates gardens and vying for a piece of garden.
The reference to the painting by Lorenzetti "Buon governo", reinterpreted in a contemporary key, set in Milan, just wants to show this concept, a perfect harmony between the countryside and the city.
In the city people "stretch" the grass to fill the cement (which is quite odd given that right under the cement in the past there were the meadows...) and sarcastic image in the center of Milan traffic lights to direct traffic become stakes to hold the vineyards, the fuel pump is used to water the flowers.
This return to the past and this recycling isn't regression, but progress. All technologies that were invented must not be forgotten but used ... why not use an escalator to go up in the loft of a barn?

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Erica Bagnasco
6 years ago
Idea molto originale!! Perfetta la scelta della rappresentazione grafica!!!
eva maria  hierzer
6 years ago
eva maria hierzer Architect
love your project - especially the images too!
Luana e Paula
6 years ago
Luana e Paula Artist
catherine burg
6 years ago
Original et intéressant !

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