Distant Dreamer

Distant Dreamer

"By revealing own interest to access a crossing of modularity that appeares encountered, we could explore the path of one's perspective and to another. We might able to see the most interesting about ourselves, someoneelse or somethingelse."

Walls of Scrim material (for theatrical use of fabric projection screen) is installed in the middle of the space. Two projectors are located at the each side of wall of the space. The projectors aim the Scrim walls installation in the middle of the space. Camera over each projector detects user’s distance from the projector to the Scrim wall. The projector brightens when the user comes close to the Scrim wall, and diminishes when the user gets away from the Scrim wall. The user’s shadow against the projector’s light strength makes the Scrim wall partly translucent and opaque where the shadow is projected. By both side of user experiencing the depth of interest against the Scrim wall, the user can see the another user on the other side of wall through their shadow contrast on the Scrim walls.

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