#SMART is the cross-media multiplatform combining a mobile, opensource application,
several interactive site-specific urban screens and a dynamic map aggregating local
Social media activity, citizen journalism and news feeds become open data available in real-time
inside the #SMART augmented mirror. It captures the interactions and the moving bodies
of the passengers. Real and virtual users of the public space mix and share by instant
writing and social media fitness through a hybrid concept among art, design and infosystems.
The installation of interactive and ludic-participative hotspots facilitates the dynamics of
digital inclusion by citizenship.
In the deprived urban areas #SMART improves the urban aesthetics in so far as it
apposes an interactive sign on the territory which amplifies beneficial effects observed in
the “broken windows” theory assuming furthermore a totemic factor as described by the
sociologist Michel Maffessoli in his concept of Technomagie. It’s the turning on of a
mechanism of active and participative vigilance on the territory by the citizenship.
#SMART creates augmented digital squares for the encounter of the urban users
transforming the urban texture into an interactive cognitive landscape.
The transmigration of local news and information from paper to a participative hypermedia
platform becomes free service and framework for public communication and urban
The glocal network #SMART translates city walls into dynamic digital and interactive graffiti.

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