The photographs submitted are of a scale model 1: 25 for a project to transform a derelict inner city space; a place to walk in, dream in, meditate in or just a place to sit in the quiet.

The model in the photograph is made of acetate sheets painted with stained glass paints and stiff card painted to represent oxidised steel. 110 x 44 x 25 cms highest x average height 12.5

If it were to be constructed, at full size it would be made of Perspex panels painted with stained glass paint and supported by oxidised steel . Once built it would cover an area approximately 8 meters x 8 meters . The tallest point would be 3.5 meters high and the average size of the Perspex panels would be 3 meters x 2 meters.

Tholos is the ancient Greek term for a treasure house of memories. This piece looks back to myths and legends of the past, at the same time dreaming of a future free from violence either in the inner city or world wide. The space is structured quite formally within a rectilinear construction using geometric shaped supports of oxidised steel. The formal elements of the structure making a counter point to the wilder freer compositions of the painted panels. The paintings have an elemental feeling of nature, of the sea, mountains and trees….. but I also want to create an atmosphere conjuring up the rich colouring and intense spirituality of the early renaissance, the Flemish primitives and the great Stained Glass Tradition.

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Nikolai Bartossik
8 years ago
A wonderful Idea !!!
Fine Materials !!!
Beautiful Structure !!!

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