My Eyes, Your Eyes

Installation, Fantasy / Visionary, Human figure, Abstract informal, Video installation, 150x190x400cm
'My Eyes Your Eyes' is an Interactive Installation. The Installation is designed to amplify the relationship between human eyes under Sunlight. Our eyes have limited focal depth which is very much relied on the light. We cannot see everything. We see only things what interests us most, and it amplifies our optic limitation. It constantly challenges our endless visions and perspectives. However, it is not a loss of information in our downside. We are just failed to discover.

"By revealing own interest to access a crossing of modularity that appeares encountered, we could explore the path of one's perspective and to another. We might able to see the most interesting about ourselves, someoneelse or somethingelse."

'My Eyes, Your Eyes’ is installed in a dark narrow space with an entrance passage. There is only one lighting over the projection screen which blocks the space at the end of the passage. The rear projection over the screen shows the user’s blurred image from the camera which is located under the incandescent lighting, it seems hidden because of the light. As the light hit and reflect the user, blurred image gets focused over a reflected spot of the person. The user’s mirror-like visual looks like revealing one’s appearance from the darkness as the user walks into the passage, to the screen.
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