Fuck the mainstream

Fuck the mainstream

Digital Graphics, Nude, Human figure, Political / Social, Generative graphics, 70x70x3cm
From the serie "Fuck the mainstream"

The water is the everyday mainstream, the stream about what society expects of you, how to think, to act and, the most important, how to sacrifice your
personality with the aim to impose all sorts of abstract ideas .
Ideas about religion,about capitalism,politics...
All that remains of individuals are unicellular organisms who swallow everything with no responsibility, yes, just like water!

The two sisters, the twins, are the female site of me, why? because I like them, just as they are... pure!
their eyes covered, because they have to puke from the mainstream, they do their very best not to drown,
and when they drown...I must take the responsibility on myself!

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5 years ago
robolotion Artist
Amazing graphics series. Fascinating refractive drops. Well-made combination of real photography and 3d modeling.
Igor Eugen Prokop
7 years ago

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