Gita's Rubble

Gita's Rubble

Gita's Rubble:

Analogous to the changes that a woman goes through in her metamorphosis from one biological life phase to another, from one psyche to another as life progresses, and from her historical persona to the consciousness of her current reality -

A scene of a chaotic end, calmly floating down a lake depicts the remnants of the impact on our psyche that transpire when we sometimes make choices fuelled by consumerist media influences, inhibiting societal norms and even familial pressures.

Each time we decide to, or are forced to, behave differently from whom we naturally are, a connection to our true persona is submerged deeper into a subconscious that sacrifices itself for the organised roles that we subsist in.

The hope lies in an awakening of the natural rhythms that we are born into, but are often fearful of exploring.

Gita, in this work, surrounded by rubble, almost relishes in quiet contemplation of the internal and external ruins, marking an end, and signifying an unknown beginning.

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silvia canton
7 years ago
silvia canton Artist
very nice!
Nanouk Reicht
7 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
très beau
Carolina Grebe Lira
7 years ago
8 years ago
Cat Photographer
Superbe ! Bonne chance :)

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