Digital Photography, Landscape, Fantasy / Visionary, Still life, Computer graphics, 65x55x4cm

When you walked through the valley in the shadow of Self
Did you turn back
To see the remnant fruits of Freedom’s sigh,
And notice the vultures encaged in the Sparrow’s nest,
With the withering stems of the Dandelion’s breath?

When you bite through the sundried apple of Resolve
Intoxicated by the feathers of Refuge in the sanctuary of Instruction,
And consumed by the luscious seeds of counterfeit adoration,
Prostituting devotion for morsels of Rubble in an asylum of Silence,
Fuelled by Inhibition;
And sanctioned by Influence;
Did you remember the buds of Desire left behind?

Did you turn back
To feel the windswept leaves recoil on your belly
And lay sleep the entrails of illicit cravings,
To awaken only when shadows shriek.

© Tanisha Bhana – Dec 2011
(For the works, Gita (1) and Gita’s Rubble, from the portfolio, Transience)

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8 years ago
Ha ricreato con la foto la magia e il mistero di un lontano paesaggio preistorico.

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