Installation, Political / Social, Political / Social, Still life, Various materials, 40x40x10cm

The work focuses on the concepts of non-place, estrangement, provocation, passivity, ephemerality and re-signification, drawing a parallel with the load iconological present in the object, its significant features and their assignments.
Using an approach seems incoherent with reference to the concept of "no place" and proposes to encourage and provide the opportunity for reflection on the individual potential for the realization of transformations, changes and ruptures, as desired and necessary for the maintenance and evolution any area of expertise and knowledge, but that usually does not occur for lack of initiative of the applicants.

The work involves the installation of five objects pro-fire, wooden boxes with dimensions of 40x40x10cm (length x width x depth), painted in red, containing within it a Molotov cocktail and a box of matches, marked with the phrase "In case of fire - Break the glass "in English and Italian, to be installed inside and outside the exhibition site, arranged on the wall to 1.5 m from the floor.

The aim of the work is to foster a discussion about the need to use the intrinsic strength of any individual for the transformation of everything that is not satisfying him, offering to hand a form of action to promote these changes.

The dynamic cycle of changes in life, an apparently anti-fire equipment designed to produce fire, consumed by an individual need for change, but that does not act and a work of art conceived where the focus is the process that leads to their transformation and destruction are converging elements that enhance the understanding that nothing is over, in fact everything one time or another, you must become.

NOTE: The liquid inside the bottle is not flammable.

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