Iconic Mir Station/ Warm Welcome from cold Russia

Iconic Mir Station/ Warm Welcome from cold Russia

From series of: Alphabets-the Beauty of Diversity / Russia
This mixed media artwork extends the Russian ideals of welcoming, its moveable components inspired by the form and multi-purpose functionality of the Russian Mir space station. Mir, meaning “peace,” was utilized by Russian, American, and international astronauts as a research laboratory to develop technologies for the future occupation of space. Images in the work include symbols of Russian hospitality--bread and salt, the “samovar”- tea “self-boiler”, and a set glass to accommodate any drink, and depictions of iconic Russian art and craft. The piece’s central image of the Virgin Mother is rendered in the classical tradition of Russian religious painting. “Mir Station” is dedicated to the memory of Yuri Gagarin, the first space astronaut to orbit the earth.

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