Disappearing Entanglement

Disappearing Entanglement

The Thornback Skate (ray) is found around European coasts. The decline of this particular species is unknown. The only knowledge that we have of its decline in numbers could be the reason why its endangered. Fisheries catch the skate bycatch in their trawls and gillnets. The lack of many of them being caught has led to the belief that the skate is endangered. Some skates and rays are highly valued on the international trade markets, in particular the manta ray. Restrictions of been in place in certain regions on the weight the can be netted per year. The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea collect data to allow for maintaining of diversity in aquatic life.

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Christopher Engebretson
5 years ago
All my recent work is designed with puzzles in mind. I use magnets to old together my sculptures. The concept wi about these unique endangered species world wide and our interactions with them. Either destroying their habitat or rebuilding. My job is to create awareness through art and science.

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