le otto emozioni primarie

le otto emozioni primarie

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Oil, 100x100cm
my work is a psychological search on the emotions.
I have studied and I have dealt with the primary emotions. The emotions are component fundamental of our life, damage color and taste to the existence, even if, in a civilization as that westerner planned on the record of the reason, they are often considered with suspect and fear. Goleman in 1995 has published an entitled book "emotional Intelligence" and then other psychologists are dealt with to classify the emotions. Here in this picture they are reassumed. Every word that formed the emotion and I has him have taken "excited" therefore for instance the fear will become the P-eye, AU-nose, R-eye and her/it To a small wrinkle of the face that composes the picture. And' is a study deepened on the emotions to the center there is a face with writing excite Primary of which the two Or they are the eyes a pò "ruined" in how much emotions are!

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