Equilateral Coercion III & IV

Equilateral Coercion III & IV

Equilateral Coercion stems from an inquiry into the collapse of objects into their representational form. The forms depicted with my still life compositions, usually function as supports for consumable goods within a retail setting. Unmoored from this context, these empty objects become disarming, questioning conventional notions of functionality, commodity and value exchange.
Central to my photographs is a deliberate unsettling of our perception of pictorial and architectural space. Line, form, colour and reflection all conspire to create a sense of placelessness.
The compositions employ the slick aesthetic of commercial photography, but only utilize in-camera techniques, rather than digital manipulation and in doing so, reinforce the photograph’s status as an enigmatic document of reality.

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Andrea Morein
5 years ago
Andrea Morein Artist
brilliant, suzanne! Glad to have discovered. andrea

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