In My Concert

Desire as a driving force for change, expectation and wish for happiness. A dream materialization, the secret dream that everyone has and treasures it and on which he clutches like it was the only hope to feel free. An autobiographical work, (but not only) that shows me as a accomplished musician, a perfect performer of the Mozart’ impressive Sonata for piano No. 11. Everything, bogus and virtual, is enclosed in a charming and intimate atmosphere with which the viewer can emphasize. Installation is set in a partly dark area. It is performed by a video projector, a DVD player, speaker, model of a piano with chair and a small plant, 2 pedestals.
Projector is pointed at objects on pedestals, and it casts shadows on the back wall, in perfect sync with music, it fits with escapologist naturalness into video projection, the black silhouette of a pianist, who is performing a Mozart opus.

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raffaele fiorella
8 years ago
Grazie a tutti
Gloria Massarelli
8 years ago
Gabriella Frustaci
8 years ago
simpaticamente bello!!!

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