e ugly Girl

e ugly Girl

Digital Graphics, Portrait, Political / Social, Computer graphics, 50x70x00cm
The humanbeen kann different. But the sun shines on us all.
In the dark you can not see it. The life has many faces. -like a creepy doll lying on the ground, the garbage truck runs every day, but does it not. Her dress and grind the show to haunted house nearby. The building blocks in the art such wrong thoughts. The irritatation inspired.
The haunted house doll series was made from a photo on the street lying. her Screams announce doomsday death at the same time the new birth to death!
The person has to choose decide to reject the freedom. That's the most wonderful of us in the world, if he or she knew! You would have done better. The birth is always programmed into the consciousness that makes us human

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