Installation, Political / Social, Various materials, 500x170x70cm
The installation with trousers metaphorically refer to the power of representants of a political or military group or of a bureaucratic kaste. The uniformity of the black trouser question also the way how submissive individuals can become when they have to act within a hierarchic system. The "Parade" offers with its collection of dreams, positions, memories and thoughts a perfect opportunity to wander, to consider and to judge how we conceive our time. I show at least that under the surface of the sometimes-peaceful existing images of today and yesterday stronger conflicts and hidden structures are scalding and may influence our concepts reality. It is for example possible that existing symbols are reshuffling and that often used words can become inflationary.

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7 years ago
Interesting work!
8 years ago
Vivalarte Artist
Touching !!
Waldemar Dabrowski
8 years ago
Very interesting...!
Andrea Morein
8 years ago
Andrea Morein Artist
Hello Julia,
this parade is damn good!!!!
Greetings from Cologne
Are you doing Berliner Liste this year?
I'm not. Definitely not.

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