A Symphony of Flesh

A Symphony of Flesh

Symphony of Flesh is a 'Public Deprogramming Ritual" performed by Louis Fleischauer's project AMF, which combines elements of Body Art, Modern Primitives and experimental sounds.
Living within an artificial reality we 'civilized' people have become disconnected from our true nature. The intent of this ritual is it to create a raw primal energy which takes people on a journey into the carnal dreamscape of their mind, so they can reopen a channel to the Pristine Self within them.

Symphony of Flesh turns humans into instruments through body modification, transforming the agony and euphoria of the stage into sonique energy to be devoured by the audience.
Utilizing sculpted leather creations that are mounted to the performer with hooks, wires, and other devices beneath the skin, Louis Fleischauer manifests the transformation of human flesh into a sonorous organism.
Through exhaustion, pain and noise the performer enters a trance-like state of mind. Some of the cathartic experienced through this, is being shared with the audience in form of sound. Every amount of pressure from hooks pulling the skin is translated into amplified vibrations.
For the ritual to be most effective, any barrier between stage and audience must be destroyed. People are encouraged to participate via various tasks, such as joining the orchestra of flesh and noise by playing amplified devises attached to the performer.
A Symphony of Flesh mingles visuals and acoustics in meditative madness. The ultimate goal is to invoke a reality-shift within the minds of performer and audience alike.

Humanity has become disconnected from its inner self, loosing not only the link to its own core but also separating itself from nature, the very organism in which he is a part of.
Even though being fully aware of the grave danger of the situation and the urgency for change, mankind finds itself paralyzed in its ways, unwilling to even sacrifice the smallest comfort in order to survive as a species.

The primal element of hunger is mutated into a greed which has taken on a life of its own.
A world where the "health" of the economy has become a higher priority then the survival of the planet, can only survive if there is a drastic change within the collective consciousness.
With my art I seek to inspire a shift within the mind of the beholder and thus work on the transformation of the collective consciousness on an individual basis.

The goal is to open new gateways for the mind to able to find ways to interact more natural with our environment.

We are living in square buildings, unorganic shapes, we are surrounded by things that are mass produced, therefore identical copies without any link to individuality. This is poison for the human mind, since we human are natural beings and in nature there are no 2 things alike. Therefore my art is organic, multi functional/dimensional and free of boarders, frames or symmetry. The observer is invited to feel, touch, smell, to interact and therefore become one with the art itself.

We must break down cultural and social boundaries that hinder the mind to grow and expand.

I will not surrender to a mass media invented reality,
I will not eat up their lies or consume their persuasions, 
I will not obey a limited freedom of speech. 
I will take my birth given right of Self-expression by force,
implying the weapons of my mouth,
my hands,
my body-

I will infect the world with the reflections of my mind!
Every written word, every spoken thought,
every drawn image,
every scar on m body is

A ritual against disintegration of mind
A ritual against human de-volution
A ritual as purest form of resistance!

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Alessandro Bellucci
7 years ago
Very strong!

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