Recovery 3

Recovery 3

Painting, Human figure, Oil, 30x40x3cm
This is part of a series of works (each painting varies between 30 x 50 cm and 14 x 20 cm) are about the relationship to one’s body after giving birth. They document the complexities surrounding birth and using your body as a tool; illustrating the beauty and damage that follows this natural development. These works are a physical model for stages, emotions, and dilemmas in life, documenting progress and resistance. Using the human body, a portrait or a representation of myself, to give form to psychological states or emotional experiences. These works represent the limits of a life lived in conflict with its desires and its role in society. Along with the idea of conflict, the works focus on duality, protection, personal evolution, development, healing and growth and how it relates to different stages of life.

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gabriele parenti
6 years ago

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