Flying Away

Flying Away

Analogue Photography, Portrait, Analogue, 150x75x05cm
FLYING AWAY - Salvador 2009 - Series
“freedom means having the opportunity to dream”

The pictures of the "Flying away" project overcome the boundaries of traditional reportage, by combining the genuine spirit of a documentary with the active commitment of the social practices typical of our contemporary artistic context.
The idea of depicting people on a “magic” carpet involves them in a game where the photographer is both creator and protagonist at the same time.
Indeed, telling them a story lets a specific behavior to emerge, disrupting the normal mechanism which makes us mere spectators of a too far away reality.
Involving adolescents in a mental game, telling them a story that leads them to a specific behaviour, breaks the usual mechanism that leaves us as mere spectators of a distant reality. Shooting is the final act of the photograph. Adolescents involved in this kind of meditative act are then invited to photograph themselves with an instax camera (e.g., Polaroid) and write on the photo their names and intentions, as well as to annotate their dreams and the places they visited during their "flight" on a “flying diary”.The pictures open new horizons, and we can now participate, even if only a little, in their inner world.  But, aboveall, the pictures open new horizons of hope to the adolescents in the belief that without the ability to dream it is impossible to build adifferent future.

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