Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, 60x60x4cm
Try to imagine our cities future. New architectural concepts integrated with those of the past and present. The image of an integrated global metropolis of the future with its past. Too much has been written on this subject, accompanying publications with plants of imaginary cities, projected into ancestral space, almost symbolic rather than futuristic. This is the image of a possible real city and represents a different experience, concrete and particular value also on a proactive, anchored, as it seems, to a different logic in stunning avant-garde, and deepening the concept, would reveal unexpected approaches and its historical roots.
Beyond pioneering theories, what needs to be of great interest is the quality of the painting, in terms of space and community, resulting from continuous mental experimentation and applied on the painting itself, also trying to identify the references and affinities space and, last but not least, reveal the modernity that underlies the results achieved in the constructed reality.

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