Benedict XVI Confession Chamber

Benedict XVI Confession Chamber

Interactive installation in response to Pope Benedict editing women out of the bible in his new book for children. The exterior of the booth is constructed from 100s of brightly coloured pop-art ballgag/silenced Pope prints with the names of every biblical female embroidered across his face. Stretched across these panels are also four transparent screen prints of some of the misogynous passages from the bible, for example 'I will increase your pain in childbirth. Yet you will long for your husband, and he shall rule over you" (Genesis). Viewers can enter the chamber to open and read confessions by torchlight and leave one of their own in one of the many embroidered pockets. A secret section contains hidden confessions provided for the chamber by dozens of artworld and feminist figures, including The Guerrilla Girls, Turner Prize nominees, religious correspondents. The booth has received some very harrowing public confessions, for example; 'my daughter has forgotten she was abused, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.' Techniques used include: stitch, screenprint, digital print, CAD embroidery, laser etched confession panel of Virgin drawing, laser etched bibles and priest shirt. For further images, please visit my website

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