'A Good Man Is Hard To Find (the evidence)'

'A Good Man Is Hard To Find (the evidence)'

Digital Photography, Landscape, Portrait, Abstract informal, Mixed technique, 160x99x30cm
I investigated identity by utilizing certain conventions within photography. Even though the print is large scale, the crop of the image inhibits the viewer in determining the scale of the original landscape. The unfocused foreground, and the texture of the land make reference to documentation of the land in American done by Mathew Brady, during the Civil War. However, since a significant part of the image is out of focus, the land displays a pattern instead of a realistic representation. This can lead to the work being an object, instead of two-dimensional depiction of reality. The frame functions in a similar manner. As a sculpture, it is the sum of the materials that make the work; yet as the materials merge they can become a nauseating misrepresentation of the signifiers that inform the concept.

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