Installation, Minimal, Various materials, 300x300x250cm
The autonomy that lies within art can determine its purpose, yet the decision to whether something can be specifically a painting or a sculpture can be subjective to the point that it seems unnecessary to even attempt such a classification. The structural language within my work contains elements of both these disciplines and characteristics of neither, so the dialogue that is produced is somehow both tangible and ethereal.
In this particular work I have introduced new, more modern materials such as polycarbonate sheeting and the use of lighting.
The use of these materials bring the work further away from the traditions that lie within these disciplines, yet they are somehow still present.
The use of lighting in particular allows the piece to interact with the surrounding space and architecture, as well as the audience.
This introduces the possible elements of disruption and alteration, which emphasize the ephemeral grounds on which the separate disciplines of contemporary art are based.

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Robert Turner
7 years ago
Robert Turner Artist
Grazie Corrado! No problem.
Corrado Lippi
7 years ago
Corrado Lippi Artist
Opera bellissima. Grazie dell'amicizia.

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