Painting, Minimal, Ink, 80x100x5cm
Opting as an artist for a mix of hybrid techniques (photography, drawing, digital pictures, soundtrack) Pierre Clemens explores the relation existing between the landscape an its numerous definitions. To either artistic, political, social or even economic representations, he adds pictures, words, titles or legends and in doing so, diverts their signifying quality and confronts us with an altered poetical vista. Conceptual in appearance, his work scrutinizes the intricate relationship between space and its definitions, affectively or otherwise. His works of art take serial, multiple yet never identical shape. In fine, it’s up to the spectator to decide as to wich of the different proposals he adheres. Pierre Clemens underwent the influence of the documentary and photographic current, surrealism an its word-pictures, the conceptual approach of the link representation/designation in the seventies. After his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and Athens (drawing 1992-96), he takes a vivid interest in 2D and 3D digital technology which allows for fictitious documentary evidence of the landscape an its definitions.

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Birgit Oestergaard
7 years ago
Great work. X Birgit

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