Number 20, Vertebrate Companion Series

Number 20, Vertebrate Companion Series

The intent of these works has always been to explore concepts, the creation of new forms and to question ideas pertaining to the concrete world in an abstract way. Being somewhat ambiguous by intention, these Vertebrate Companions are meant to question diversity, not only through our visual senses but, also that, which exists in sociological terms. The relationship between significant parings, attraction and discordance are approached while striving for invention rather than perceived correctness. Ever present is the notion that suggests, that when diversity is applied as a union, a richer, broader and at times unforeseen outcome may possibly be foreseen more often than that of singularity.

These Vertebrate Companions should be thought to be both figurative and abstract, while blurring the lines between sculpture, painting, architecture as well as installation in a near representational way. Although these works have been installed in a specific way, the works have no specific formulas for installation. They may be presented in an infinite number of configurations without compromising their integrity or intended correctness, if in fact correctness does exist.

The works are self fabricated from stretched canvas over wood armatures and painted to represent what I refer to as blemishes, which exist in all things in nature and industry making them unique to themselves as all physical entities are. These works are both architecturally and naturally inspired simultaneously, invoking the underlying structures of both buildings and bodies.

These Vertebrate Companions are more than merely studies in form, color and composition - or even the questioning of ideas pertaining to nature, architecture and behavior. Like all structures, the works intention was to possess a solid foundation from which to expand and grow. Both visceral and coolly inert, they are companions in their independent, yet ultimately cohesive nature.

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Corrado Lippi
7 years ago
Corrado Lippi Artist
Opera molto bella. Grazie dell'amicizia

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