movement. 13

movement. 13

Artist’s body pounding
The work was made by pounding graphite rods repeatedly all over the surface. The artist intensified the physical demands of this process:- applying his entire body, its full weight exerted onto the paper through both arms pounding; subjecting himself to the noise, heat and exertion from the act - to apply layers of graphite marks towards a composition.

An absent medium
The graphite rod is a carbon-form extending a carbon-based corpus. It is perceived as part of the artist’s body. The rod is the tip of the marking tool that is the artist. There is no medium, the artist applies himself onto the surface; there is a direct causality between his movements and the graphite powder deposited onto the paper. In this act, the artist is making marks, literal physical impressions, and not symbols.

A physical catharsis
The city is a high-energy space but urban-living is a largely intellectual act. Physical exertions, if any, are compacted into short, intense bursts like gym workouts. Energy that was absorbed from the city accumulates in the physically-passive body, and it needs to be expended. This artistic process is a physical catharsis. The artist desires to experience and to record his corporeality.

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7 years ago
Adi Artist
I find the approach interactive
Damon Cureton
7 years ago
Damon Cureton Artist
great piece;)
Boedi Widjaja
7 years ago
Boedi Widjaja Artist
Thank you Gabriele.
gabriele parenti
7 years ago
Congratulations Boedi. An essential work, clean and magnetic fields. good

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