LITS (Leave Immediately The Space)

The project presented by Roberta Orlando is based on live audiovisual mapping, without software use.
The artistic research carried out is concentrated on the construction and deconstruction of bodies within the architectural parts. This last, made of rigid lines and symmetrical clash with soft and distorted shapes to create a movement of freedom and desire outside of preset limits, both at the structural and body level.
Working on the building's model where you decide to take action, everything happens in real time, with a specific attention to the audio section which presents microphones worn by the performer.
Here is the live mapping made for the Kernel Festival 2012 while the performance was on the stage in front of the building.

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8 years ago
V Artist, Photographer, Art lover
lo trovo geniale, grazie, bellissimo
8 years ago
Cat Photographer
Beau travail profond ! Bonne chance :)
8 years ago
Souad Nasr Makhoul
8 years ago
great! interesting issue, beautiful performance!
Manuela Vincenti
8 years ago
... di forte impatto e profonda simbologia. Bellissimo lavoro. Complimenti!
8 years ago
benny Artist
mi piace

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