A System of Anatomical Bodies

A System of Anatomical Bodies

Photography for me is the chance to give birth to new and altered forms of being or rather non-being, analyzing our progressive movement towards annihilation.
Profoundly inspired by Roland Barth’ s claim: ‘Photography is a kind of a primitive theatre, a kind of tableau vivant, a figuration of motionless and made up face beneath with we see the death’, I have started to build up my own theatre, collecting with help of photography, traces of mortality in the attempt to find a meaning to our presence on earth. My work born as a response to my intimate attraction for mutability, as well, it deals with the ineluctable final act of disappearing. I believe in art as a process of creation and as an operation of preservation of the self, thus, through the use of the still image combined with the manipulation of organic materials, I'm exploring the dynamic interaction between creation, perpetuation and dissolution.
A System of Anatomical Bodies (2012) is a project born with the aim to discover if any sense of mortality and any meaning of death is still present in this new era of redefinition and reshaping of what is human; a mechanical age in which the impact of bio medical studies and the spreading of new technologies have influenced the contemporary perception of our finitude. We are experiencing the denial of human limitations, and we live in the illusion to be able to accomplish an eternal and material afterlife with the help of
machines and technologies. The event of death has been transformed in a residual
possibility, an eventual accident that could be easily postponed.

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Wanda D'Onofrio
7 years ago
molto bella.
Loris Drago
7 years ago
Loris Drago Artist
Said Rais
7 years ago
Said Rais Artist
patrizia ricca
7 years ago
molto interessante e inquietante.

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