Rainbow V : “The master-puppets bussiness-man”

Rainbow V : “The master-puppets bussiness-man”

From my paintings series : “Habits- Follow the Rainbow not the Whiterabbit”. FairyTales for Adults: rainbow rapresenting fake happyness that could make an addiction but you'll never be satisfied:
on this vertical triptych composed by three squares , the Bussiness-man is dominating and playing with his puppets on his bussiness-case/ little theatre  : the porno-secretary with the “anal-plug tail”  is trying to escape but at the same time she 's falling in pieces; the "pig" take off his mask of a men and behind him, in the background there’s some nuclear centrals , the God is a Blackberry (Badlarry) and it’s the only string that go straight on from the master-puppets till the last canvas of the triptych.
The composition it's a vertical triptych all twisted but at the same time connected, just follow the strings that put order and chaos at the same time (and bondage with the puppets) .
The bussiness-man is a puppett too  dominated by his-self : the old history about the golden cage. The hamster that is running in a wheel...
Muses in this painting . the artist Max Papeschi and the actress Giulia Tuzzi

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4 years ago
bel lavoro brava
Flordeliz Canlas
5 years ago
Very interesting concept. Wonderful work!

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