Itineraria #2

Itineraria #2

Painting, Abstract informal, Mixed technique, 100x45cm
The triptych Itineraria #2 is part of the serie of collage drawings Itineraria wherein photographic images, published in magazines late 50's early 60's, are brought out of context. Not coincidentally, the science fiction genre in that period is an important decisive period in American film / literature. The strange, measuring, tracking and shaping, are themes that lead her to to select her images and to redesign them. On outdated cardboard sheets or tilled soil layers, Mira Sanders creates new compositions. Mixed media (paint, paper, photo, ink ...), composition and color are key figures for a rigorous study of the composed image. As in her series Traceurs de Lignes (April 2012) she plays in her images the laws of (Euclidean) perspective and she tries different dimensions in an image capture. An application that was as well typical to the painting of the Flemish Primitives and Renaissance painting. In composing the Itineraria there is a strong desire and quest for material and depth. This can be very quickly formed by a number of lines to an existing picture. At other times, the composition requires several layers. On a few exceptions, the images are deliberately placed centrally in the frame. An allusion to the one-point perspective where everything begins, but all of which can also run away. The title Itineraria refers to the Latin term Itinerarium which means pathway of a journey. The serie gives not a literal translation of this definition, but alludes on the concept of a way of exploration and opens up ways to a possible phantasmagory.

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