SHAG, a human hair shagpile carpet. Hand-knotted using traditional wigmaking techniques.

Hair is material matter. Sight and smell of it provokes physical and emotional reaction. It serves memory through touch and through handling.

SHAG contains over £700 of human hair purchased from UK wigmakers suppliers and took 9 months to make.

Within the canon of art history, SHAG may be termed a 'sensational' work as it raises many interesting questions: cultural symbolism, slowness, scale, art and craft, taboo and fetish, and some difficult ones: the use of hairpieces for chemotherapy patients and other medical conditions and the misuses of hair during the Holocaust.

It is ultimately a work about physicality; it is corporeal being from the body and for the body.

SHAG was originally commissioned in 2012 for AEDAS PRESENTS as an artwork intervention in the corporate (Birmingham UK) office spaces of global award winning architects AEDAS.

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