"How much..."

"How much..."

‘Roll up! Roll up Folks! Take a gander at the Blushing Bronze Beauty brought for your viewing pleasure all the way from the island paradise of Cyprus! How much is she worth? Step right up and take a guess for your chance to win a cash prize! You can’t win if you don’t play!’

"How much.." How much am i worth,this is the question.In my interactive instillation, part of The Money Project, I invite audience members to guess the price of a human life .

My name is Katerina. I am a 22 year old Cypriot artist living in London. I have funded my studies with a student loan which I worry I will not be able to pay back. My father’s salary has been reduced by 300 euros. My mother cries that she is sorry she has nothing to give to her children. My country is suffering a crippling economic collapse and I have found myself in one of the most expensive cities in the world with no resources or income on the day that rent is due. My problem is a global problem. My fears about money seem to resonate in many aspects of my life and the lives of those around me. Money is in our pockets, in our hands, in our heads. What is money? How do we put a price on the things most important to us? When we impose a monetary value on something, do we subsequently cheapen it? These are questions I hope to address in The Money Project. I hope to draw attention to the fact that the banking industry has treated people’s livelihoods like a carnival game. This piece is an interrogation not just on the concept of money, but how it tears at the moral fiber of societies who start placing it higher than the value of human life. By examining my own personal relationship with money, how I earn it, spend it, negotiate the worth of my time and energy using cash as a barometer, I hope to demystify my personal economic concerns and change the way others think about the difference between money and value.
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