On The Other Side Of The Wall

On The Other Side Of The Wall

When I was a child my mother continously abused me physically and mentally. Although my parents divorced, they lived in the same house that was separated into two apartments. My father could hear everything what was going on on the other side of the wall. And he also recorded the sound of it.

This installation consists of a life size photograph of the exact place where my father recorded as my mother abusing me physically and the original audio recording. My crying can be heard and my mother voice as she curses at me that I should die.

Installation (photo printed as wall paper and audio from behind the wall)
approx 2.5 m by 2 m

Sound part can be heard here:

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8 years ago
FKK Artist
Thank You very much
Nike Brass Alghisio
8 years ago
love it! I love the existenzial flow you are following

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