Type Sonata

Video, Minimal, 4:56
In the video Type Sonata, the different directions of an Arabic and an English typewriter are used in attempt to type a line (using the dash) from right to left, and a line from left to right. When the two typewriters finally meet each other -because of the opposite directional movements of these two typewriters- the lines end and by using the same method two new lines are to be typed again. The performance results in the production of two scores, Clef de Sol –the lines typed with the right hand-, and Clef de Fa –the lines typed with the left hand, as a reference to playing the piano and its scores. As the physical action of typing the dash is different from the Arabic and the English typewriters, mistakes and imperfection may occur in the results of the typed lines as well as during the performance itself.

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8 years ago
Swoon Artist
Nice idea. Congrats with the selection.
All the best, Swoon

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