Ian, Rem, Kal

Ian, Rem, Kal

Painting, Portrait, Political / Social, Architecture, Landscape, Mixed technique, 75x99x5cm
Graphite on paper; acrylic on board,
3 sets of diptych, frame: 75 x 99cm each

A global culture fragmented and wounded by divisive ideologies is the condition that situates Ian, Rem, Kal. The stage is set for three involuntary separatists: Ian Curtis’ tortured life that led to his suicide; Rem Koolhaas’ abandonment of poetic space (his departure from building interiors into the bigness of city planning); and Kal El’s struggle for acceptance on earth because of his alien origin and his impossibility of being human.

These separatists tread on a commonality, that is fulfillment through architecture. Ian: The Hacienda, Rem: CCTV tower, and Kal: The Fortress of Solitude. If the exhibition - Space, Flat - that this work was created for is about an architect’s growing suspicion of his profession, then in this case architecture plays the urgent role of being a medium that connects people, regardless of their separatist tendencies. Perhaps this would be a reason for finding space in flatness.

note: please see the other 2 diptychs in portfolio Ian, Rem, Kal http://www.celesteprize.com/portfolios/idu:59718/idc:605/

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