Look Both Ways

My immigration to London in 2007 brought concepts of displacement, relocation and isolation to work. I carefully record the unconscious stair of the human mind, which randomly captures and stores. These videos are beguiling amalgamations of fragmented constructions of juxtaposed images, sounds, spaces and times. I try to create a non-narrative, disorientating experience for the viewer by using two projections/split screen/multi channel videos. These projections create a dialogue between these multiple spaces and times, placing the viewer right in the middle of it. It creates the experience of dual existence. It is like piecing together a puzzle by running through a maze of memory lanes. Through this montage, I try to make viewer struggle to locate, make connections, assimilate meanings and get immersed in the process of identifying the familiar /unfamiliar/known/unknown, building the feeling of estrangement. Sufi and popular music cocktail from India echo with image. My self referential works are tinted with concerns of identity, memory, melancholia, loss and bewilderment.
The title of the work comes from the road signs in UK, which tell the pedestrian to look in a certain direction when crossing the road. On contrary when one is back home in India, you can even expect some thing falling from above without any prior notice in the notorious ordered ciaos manner. Again it points towards the dual life an immigrant lives, when he/she lives in two places simultaneously.

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7 years ago
Swoon Artist
Good work. I enjoyed it.
Congrats with the selection.
All the best, Swoon

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