Sculpture, Human figure, Metal, 50x192x25cm
Combination of metal and poliester.Sculpture is standing on his foot.

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ognjen lalic
8 years ago
ognjen lalic Artist
brava tanja!!!
Tanja Sajin
11 years ago
Tanja Sajin Artist
Thank you very much.I will keep working!
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
11 years ago
Wonderful work to share. I know it is not easy to trete the sculpture but you've managed it very well. I love the expression on the feet and shapes of this person you've created to share. We are constant change and you will change in the future for good. This one you share is your passion through your hard work. Therefore it is very much appreciated by me and others.
Thank you very much for sharing your precious work with us through Celeste prize.

your friend emily eunjue hayes
Sandro Martiniello
11 years ago

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