Sewing Off The Limbs You Are Sitting On

Sewing Off The Limbs You Are Sitting On

Installation, Landscape, Fantasy / Visionary, Symbol / Letter, Various materials,
“Neon creatures and monsters living through reclaimed materials is an outlet of expression for fear and concern for the future of our planet as well as our future as human species here on this planet. Through repurposing & reusing found wood and other objects while destroying used or unappealing crochet blankets to construct mixed media artwork; I want to express through my illustrations of mutated animals and plants my concern for our planet and what we have caused. I use monsters and neon colors to express a state of panic and chaos in nature and ourselves. My work also includes references to geology, evolution and space. With my use of repurposed found objects I want to reinforce the idea of recycling and using what’s already here.”
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Rudolf Lichtenegger
8 years ago

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