Painting, Sacred / Mythological, Mixed technique, 100x70cm
Overlapping . In the cycle of "Dragons" which follows that of the "Meetings" and "Travelogues". Salvia uses a very simple linguistic device to give the image movement and narrative, beyond the limits of two-dimensional paper and canvas. Juxtaposing different images on the same plane, with the technique of storyboarding and graphic-novel, the montage in movies and cartoons, you can make the effect of happening simultaneously more related events. We are more and more immersed in a stream of images that come from different channels, the overlapping of images is not an effect but a daily event that happens more and more often. The cycle of the Dragons takes its cue from two architectural details found out on the portal of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and the other on the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre. The two figures become the central subject of a set of events and pictures described in the works. The themes of the previous series of paintings have been that of "Journey," with all his unexpected events happen, "meeting", the "City", the "couple" of "Figure feminine and masculine." All these subjects are visually re-formed by Salvia on the picture plane with a simple technical device, pull six or seven images side by side, around two main subjects or figures.

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3 years ago
easypop Artist
Sovrapposizioni ben realizzate....EASYPOP apprezza!
Rossella Santoro
5 years ago
Mi piace .... e molto :)

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