What Lizzie sees, England, Oct, 2011

What Lizzie sees, England, Oct, 2011

There is something very intimate about asking someone to sit for you for a photograph and there is something very intimate in knowing what is going on in their thoughts. This is one of a series of images taken of my family, when I was home recently.
Inspired by Edward Hopper's paintings , working with incoming light, they insinuate perhaps my artistic desire to infiltrate and understand the minds of those I think I know so well.
Lizzie, my niece, who moved back to live with her mother last year, aged 17:
"I thought I replied to this so sorry x thankyou very much :D exams have all gone well, just have to keep fingers crossed :) results in august :) x did a 7 ft long panoramic piece of london from the top of a 15 story building in construction at night :D
Now have to choose a new photography topic but really not sure what to do other than I wanna do portraiture x I imagine you here and can't wait to see you in a couple weeks :D :D :D"

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8 years ago
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8 years ago
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