On the Beach II., from Unsettling Photographs series

On the Beach II., from Unsettling Photographs series

The series of photographs under the title “Unsettling Photographs“ that came into existence in Venice, Italy in 2009 and 2010 may at first sight be mistaken for ordinary holiday photographs. Only second view may reveal some kind of tension, thus changing the romantic poetics of the views to dramatic disclosure. This is caused by the insertion of hidden details from other “stories“ pictures. Thus is created the digitally manipulated photograph in the format of C-prints, lightboxes or HDMI screen that engrosses the viewer into the plot, thus starting the series of fictive tragical events. These might have several solutions. For me, a visual artist, it is transformation of detective stories or apocaliptyc fictions into one statical view often with well-known symbolics. Visual side, literature (text) and thinking (perception) became crucial in my work in the past few years.

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