Painting, Sacred / Mythological, Mixed technique, 203x152x12cm
This piece represents the biblical story of samson and delilah , which I believe because of my work I truly understand its meaning. Shortly after I started this painting my brother shot himself and his wife because of infidelity, sometimes i ask myself if i knew this was coming,be careful of who you give your HEART to, they may just take your soul with it. May they R.I.P and with my love. I used real wigs a real dead rose and real soil in the pot of the rose ,metal shears and marbles for their eyes. This was the first time i actually ground down the marbles to match the depth perception of the characters. Acrylic mixed with water ,no brush,joint compound and plaster wrap

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7 years ago
Cat Photographer
Intéressant , bonne chance ! :)
Janina Wieclawik
7 years ago
VERY interesting work
Rudolf Lichtenegger
7 years ago
Great artwork and great meaning behind it - congratulations!

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