Tram Stops

Tram Stops

The tram stop. The city that is broken into thousand microcosms. Pulsanting life. Then it stops and waits. The waiting. An infinite instant, countless moments in which nothing is perceived. The past is no longer, but the future is not yet. The present stops and waits. A place that is not the place. It is no longer home but not yet assigned. Then it’s tram and everything starts again. Becoming starts to flow through the arteries of the city.
The tram stop. A frame of the city, its advertising posters that hide and contrast with the pieces of urban landscape that stand around.
Into the stop you can discover a world of people, races and cultures. Snapshot of Milan. A city full of life, people who live in it, united in the meantime. Someone is lost in the music, in a newspaper or a game looks. Stage of missed encounters, reflections broken by the arrival of the tram.
And then the journey begins, a journey made daily hustle and bustle of the city that devours the silence.

The project includes a set of 20 photos

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claudia berardinelli
5 years ago

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